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Your paintings are out of this world - fabulous. They are contemplation, -prayer of the deepest level. You are in touch with God's BEING. Thank you for giving us this visual prayer.
-- Susanna Brabaender, 8/5/19

Robin, I have been thinking of your artwork lately and thought I would look on line. Magnificent. You are as gifted and talented as ever. Much love, Gay
-- Gay Atmajian, 7/26/17

Such beautiful and emotive work, Robin.
-- Kami Bk, 7/14/15

Robin. Thank you for blessing us with your talents through your artwork. Our home is alive with emotion and life because of art pieces.
-- Gilbert Yeung, 3/31/15

Hi Robin! Really love your work. Powerful. Hope you are well. Lisa and Ricky
-- Ricky And Lisa Lee, 2/19/15

I enjoy looking at your art. Thank you for sharing.
-- Cindy Martinez, 5/17/14

Thank you for your art. Words cannot describe your work. Dynamic, meditative, power, stillness. I am moved by the process of change in the themes and anticipate for what is to come. ~jinsim
-- Jinsim, 4/30/14

So amazing, Robin. They are filled with the conversations that mean the most to us, and they are filled with the many ways that God made you "Robin". I am grateful you put brush to paper after all those years... Love you!
-- Sonia, 4/23/14

Beautiful work you are up to these days.
-- Rita Grace Atmajian, 4/22/14

Beautiful. breathtaking, Rob. Can I share on my Facebook?
-- Bunny, 4/21/14

Your work is exquisite. The pictures don't do the paintings justice!
-- Julie, 3/19/14

Robin, I'm so thrilled to see your website up and running! I have always loved your art and have been so proud to have it in my home. There is so much passion, life and vibrancy in all your paintings. I see God in your everything. Bravo, my friend!
-- June Choi, 3/18/14